Green Blade Wall

Green Blade ® Wall is a wallpaper-type wall covering solution on an FSC-certified non-woven backing, available in all our colors. We offer 60 × 260 cm strips with vertical fiber orientation (over 260 cm) but also 117 × 260 cm strips with horizontal fiber orientation. It is applied like non-woven wallpaper (glue directly on the wall) with the same tools and a suitable glue.

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  • Contributes to the recycling and responsible recovery of agricultural waste.
  • Contributes to the diversification of exports and the circular economy of Martinique.
  • Reduces the use of exotic gasoline with uncertain traceability.
  • Limits the use of chemicals commonly used in the wood industry for use in design and decoration.

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Composition 100% banana «trunk» fiber Martinique (France)
Substrates FCS non woven 75gr European Union


SUSTAINABLE Natural, Wood Free, Recycled material, Bio-degradable
COMPOSITION 100% sliced European banana available on FSC woven backer
DIMENSIONS 600x2600mm (1,96×8,53pi) or 1170x2600mm (3,93×8,53pi) on demand
BENDING 90 ° radius of 3mm
GLUE TO USE Special non-woven wallpaper glue
SUPPORT Partition wall, drywall and concrete, on a dry and clean surface. Do not use in damp rooms.
CLEANSING Dry or slightly damp cloth
FINITION 27μ protective overlay, matte finish
GRAIN ORIENTATION Vertical (on 260cm) for 60x260cm and Horizontal for 117x260cm
CERTIFICATIONS LEED certification (7 points in 3 categories) and FSC for backings
C02 EMISSIONS 0,05 CO2eq/ kg

Before applying the coating, check the condition of the wall. It must be clean and dry, without any irregularities. Fill in the holes and apply a wallpaper undercoat if necessary.

Determine the starting point, starting with the second strip, from an angle. To do this, calculate the width of the wallpaper strip less than 3cm, or 57cm.

Draw a line all the way up using a spirit or laser level, it will be our starting point.

Measure the height of the wall and cut the lengths, leaving between 3 and 5cm at each end.

Transfer the special non-woven wallpaper glue to your tray and apply the glue with a brush, starting at the top and bottom of the wall. Continue to apply the glue with the roller to the rest of the wall, projecting slightly on each side.

Apply the coating leaving a piece protruding at the top and bottom while pressing the edge of the wallpaper on the drawn line. Press gently with the smoothing brush from the center outwards to remove any bubbles.

Press well in the high and low angles of the wall with the spatula, then cut the excess with a box cutter.

Place the second strip against the first, always leaving a surplus at the top and bottom.

After cutting off the excess and gluing, crush the joint using the roller provided for this purpose.

Clean off any traces of glue with a sponge and clean water. Continue installing the wallpaper in the direction of the opposite corner, following the same process.

Green Blade® and the environment Fibandco takes great pride in offering sustainable, high-performance products. All Green Blade® products use our plant based veneer from recycled banana plant trunks. Fibandco recycle the trunk (or stem) of the plant once the fruit has been harvested. After bearing fruit, the banana plant naturally dies, for a new plant to grow from the bulb. Hence Fibandco give a second life to a by-product of banana farming. No water is used in the manufacturing of Green Blade®, and the Fibandco factory produces the energy it uses thorough solar photovoltaic panels.

All panels used to make Green Blade® products are FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.
Green Blade could contribute positively to LEED credits


MRc 4 Recycled content (2 points)
Green Blade is 100% recycled banana trunk
MRc 5.1 & 5.2 Regional materials (1-2 points)
The final assembly location determines the opportunity for these credits.
MRc 6 Rapidly renewable materials (1 point)
Banana trunk renews every 9 months after each banana bench harvesting.
MRc. 7 Certified wood (1 point)
FIBANDCO use certified FSC and PEFC companies for panels production.


EQc 4.1 Low-emitting materials – adhesives and sealants (1 point)
FIBANDCO uses low-VOC glues for all products.
EQc 4.2 Low-emitting materials – paints and coatings (1point)
Lambri uses low-VOC finishes for all products.
EQc 4.3 Low-emitting materials – composite wood and agrifiber products (1 point)
FIBANDCO products can be produced with low VOC and/ or no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) substrates.

Products certified to European and French standards
Green Blade could contribute positively toBREEAM guidelines
Hea 02 Indoor air quality
Mat 01 Life cycle impacts
Mat 03 Responsible sourcing of materials
Most of Green Blade panels products are classified A+ (French VOC emission certification)